Welfare Center

"The world cannot survive without mercy"

Midrash Bereshit rabah

The Jewish people, like any other nation, has its own social and cultural needs.
The notion of compassion, care and mutual help is deeply seated in Jewish tradition. Organization and principles of mutual help have always been a cornerstone of the Jewish culture.

This is precisely why in 1997 with the assistance of World Organization “Joint” on the basis of Municipal Jewish cultural community the Charity Fund «Hesed Hana» was founded in Kryvyi Rih city.

The main purpose of the work of Charity Fund «Hesed Hana» is to provide assistance to the disadvantaged groups of Jewish people and members of their families regardless of their nationality on the territory of Kryvyi Rih city and its suburbs, renewal of traditions and culture of the Jewish people, increase of Jewish consciousness.

Today the Charity Fund «Hesed Hana» is an tuned mechanism in which all the programs are interconnected links.

We are a big and friendly family and so we will not leave the sick and weak in trouble, will not deprive the heritage forefathers from the young generation.
We exist for those who need help and support. And this help is in our programs.




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