«Help others and you will become stronger!»

The main objective of the charity found «Hesed Hana» - the mercy– is realized by a big and friendly group of volunteers if they can and if they have some free time, do their best to help people.

Volunteering in khesed is an ability of self – expression and demonstration of a Jewish soul. However, a volunteer must remember, that he/ she is not only a self-denying helper, but a professional in their work.

To improve the work quality, necessity to make decisions together, to rise a volunteer’s status a decision about creating a Volunteer’s council was made. At the present day the Volunteer’s council of CF consists of 12 people – there are active volunteers, who found respect among both volunteers and the people under care, who represent all the territorial districts of the city.

The Volunteer’s council is a link between the volunteers and the program’s managers, as well as administration of the CF «Hesed Hana».

The managers of all khesed programs collaborate productively with volunteers. That improves considerably the quality of the performed work.

We understand the importance of volunteers’ work and think that they feel our warmth and care.

For volunteers in the Charity found the following programs are performed:

  • an annual summarizing of activities "Volunteer of the year"
  • the birthday party;
  • country trips;
  • a visit to the municipal drama theater;
  • distribution of commemorative prizes and gifts;
  • congratulations with holidays cards;

All the members of the CF «Hesed Hana» are thankful to the volunteers for their dedicated service, the aid they render.

And we want to proudly declare, that in the charity found of Kryvyi Rih city there is a powerful, competent group of volunteers.




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