Project «Mothers for better future»

«In the unlettered times a woman is a «sin»; in the culture times she is a «dame». Meantime in the both cases it is a lie, and the truth is that she is a human being, a half of humanity – without which the other half of humanity is forceless, senseless and impossible».

The task of this project is to help a woman to adapt to the complicated conditions of social and economic conversions, to create conditions for free self-determination and self-realization of a personality. To show different ways of job search, which means to help reach self-respect, social recognition, economic independence and success.

Project contents:

  • informative classes and meetings;
  • a set of lectures and consultative meetings with specialists;
  • educational courses (elective) for project participants with a purpose to give some support in finding another job;
  • information services; 




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